You could say that this little church was birthed out of unusal circumstances. In the summer of 2017 Roger had made the decision to resign as Co-Pastor from a local church. A week later his wife, Shasta, fell and broke her ankle. Shasta’s inmobility brought many to their home to see how she was recovering and to say their good-bye’s. Roger, Shasta and the rest of their family truly experienced the church as described in the Book of Acts during this time as people would visit, pour out their hearts and love on the Medley’s. Also, little did anyone know that the good-bye’s would only be temporary.

With many of the visitors saying, “let us know if you ever start anything”, the Medley’s began praying about “starting something”. In October of 2017 the Medley’s began meeting bi-monthly with a small group of very close friends – family, really. The goal of The Barn Church is to keep the people close – like the church in Acts – and to build disciples.

Where does the reference to a barn come from? The location where Shasta broke her ankle was on 5 acres north of Peyton, CO they’d purchased after Roger’s mother passed away. The thought was that they’d build a barn before building their home. Where could a fellowship group meet? In the barn, of course. The name stuck for the group even before the barn was ever built. In a deeper meaning, a barn is a simple place of protection, care and feeding for God’s sheep.

Do we have a permanent location yet? No. We are presently meeting in various homes in the Colorado Springs area.

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