Water Baptism – What Was The Setting?

Water baptism is a subject that has split many through the years. Is sprinkling OK? What about full immersion, is that a requirement? Got Answers does a wonder job of explaining many of the aspects of water baptism – check it out at this link.┬áMany describe water baptism as outward sign of an inward change. While this is true I wonder if, today, we’re missing something.

Today one can go almost anywhere, be water baptized, then walk into public and life continues. We can publicly profess Christ and, sadly, the world around us doesn’t seem to care or notice.┬áBut was this the case when Nero ruled over Rome?

In 64 AD a great fire burned much of Rome, Nero blamed Christians. Subsequently, Christians were burned on poles at night to light the streets – all because of their faith. This is a level of persecution that many American Christians have never experienced or have even been exposed to. This can be both good and bad for us. Good because we are safe. Bad because we can become to “comfortable”.

Question: if you were able to live your life today in 64 AD would Nero notice?